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Civil Rights & Employment

Ensuring constitutional freedoms and safe workspaces

The freedom to pursue work, pleasure, and political engagement with a sense of security is emblematic of American life.

Each of us is entitled to equal access to services and opportunities, and certain guarantees of fair treatment from governments, private organizations, and even individuals.

At Steven Williams Law, our civil rights and employment practice is rooted in our commitment to making communities better by making people feel valued. Ensuring individuals’ rights to live and work safely across communities and shared spaces nationwide is foundational to that effort.

Inspired by the legal leaders of the Civil Rights movement, Steven Williams Law represents people in cases concerning constitutional and civil rights violations, including police brutality and infringements on free speech.

Our commitment to helping voices be heard informs work on employment cases, where we have successfully negotiated lasting workplace changes for employees at some of the world’s largest technology companies.

Committed to making communities better, in and out of the courtroom

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Innovative Advocacyfor an evolving social landscape

Cutting-edge legal strategies and an understanding of the beauty in not giving up have earned unprecedented protections and settlements for our clients.

Civil Rights & Employment

Facebook Content Moderator Class Action Settlement

$ 1

In cash and workplace changes for content moderators

Steven Williams’ groundbreaking advocacy for Facebook content moderators exposed to violent depictions of animal, human, and other abuses secured over $50 million for medical expenses to treat post-traumatic stress and other conditions, and nearly $30 million in changes to make a more safe work environment. The Daily Journal awarded Steven Williams the California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award in 2022 in connection with his work on this case.

Civil Rights & Employment

YouTube Content Moderator Class Action Settlement

$ 1

In cash and additional employee services for content moderators

In a similar result to the Facebook case, Steven Williams successfully advocated for the right of YouTube employees and contractors to a safe workplace. In addition to compensation, the settlement required YouTube to establish on-site and virtual counseling services and peer support groups for content moderators suffering from anxiety and post-traumatic stress.