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Antitrust & Competition

Protecting consumers’ rights to fair prices

When corporations engage in unfair business practices, consumers pay the price.

Conspiracies to monopolize markets, limit competition, and raise and fix prices on goods and services violate state and federal antitrust laws enacted to protect consumers and the economy.

Steven Williams Law advocates for those who have been harmed when corporations run afoul of these laws.

We have represented classes and individuals in cases involving essential and life-saving products and services, such as memory chips, pharmaceuticals, air transportation, capacitors, lithium ion batteries, energy, food, and more.

As a leader in more than a dozen prominent antitrust cases throughout the United States, our skillful advocacy has recovered over $2 billion for clients and resulted in groundbreaking judicial decisions that helped shape the law.

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Tenacious advocacy in and out of the courtroom has recovered billions for our clients and shaped modern antitrust law.


Capacitors Price-Fixing Antitrust Litigation

$ 1

Awarded to customers of electronic component manufacturers

Steven Williams served as Lead Counsel for indirect purchasers of aluminum, tantalum, and film capacitors-ubiquitous electronic circuit components-who alleged that capacitor manufacturers conspired to raise, fix, and stabilize their prices. He then was part of the team that conducted two class action trials in the Direct Purchaser case, which resulted in over $600 million in settlements.


Auto Parts Antitrust Litigation

$ 1

Recovered for indirect purchasers

Steven Williams served as Co-Lead Counsel for consumers and businesses who purchased or leased new vehicles containing parts that they alleged were unlawfully priced.


Static Random Access Memory Antitrust Litigation

$ 1

Recovered for purchasers of SRAM

Steven Williams served as Lead Counsel for direct purchasers of Static Random Access Memory, who alleged that manufacturers including Toshiba, Samsung, and others conspired to fix, raise, and maintain prices of SRAM, a type of chip used in consumer electronics like smartphones and servers.


Freight Forwarding Antitrust Litigation

$ 1

For purchasers or freight forwarding services

Steven Williams served as Lead Counsel for purchasers of freight forwarding services, who alleged the companies handling logistics for air and ocean shipments conspired on prices for these services worldwide.


Transpacific Passenger Air Traffic Antitrust Litigation

Expanded plaintiffs’ rights to sue in regulated industries

Steven Williams served as Co-Lead Counsel in a case representing travelers on 26 transpacific airlines who alleged the airlines engaged in a 10-year conspiracy to fix prices. Williams successfully argued motions to dismiss, summary judgment, and the Ninth Circuit appeal which ultimately expanded the right of civil plaintiffs to sue in regulated industries.